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Welcome to the lab of Desiree Tullos in the Biological and Ecological Engineering department at Oregon State University...


Through field and modeling studies the Rivers lab at OSU investigates questions around the physical and biological processes in rivers, from the particle to basin scale, that inform the sustainable management of water resources. 

 Current research includes:

  • Responses to river restoration and engineering, including dam removal, engineered log jams, and dam reoperation
  • Impacts of dam operations on flood risk reduction, water supply, hydropower generation, and environmental requirements
  • Analysis of uncertainty in water resources modeling
  • Effects of hydropower development in China
  • Water quantity and quality dynamics of agricultural and restored riparian wetlands
  • Mechanics of flow around dense vegetation
  • Sediment management in reservoirs
  • Fish use of turbulance around Engineered Log Jams

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116 Gilmore Hall Corvallis, OR 97331
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