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Modelling the Effects of Dams

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Why dams matter...

"This century we have collectively bought, on average, one large dam per day."

-World Commission on Dams, 2000

Dams deliver many benefits, but often at a high price with adverse and lasting impacts. Though this dam modeling project, we are forming lasting and productive collaborations around the direct explication and assessment of the socioeconomic, biophysical and geopolitical impacts, both beneficial and nonbeneficial, associated with dams. Through the development of new tools that examine how dams stimulate change and how we may project potential ecological, economic, and socio-cultural outcomes of such change, this project may reduce uncertainty and risks associated with constructing (and removing) dams.


"Dams have long escaped deep and clear and impartial
scrutiny into the process by which they emerge and are valued"

-Kader Asmal (2000) , Chair, World Commission on Dams

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